Hearty Soups


European Potato

This Potato Soup is deliciously fragrant, and filling which will not only satisfy your hunger, but also warm you on a cold, winter night. Top with parsley.

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Mom’s Traditional Split Pea Soup

A very hearty traditional soup of Poland of pureed split peas braised in light vegetable stock and a hint of sweet marjoram. Add a sprinkle of pepper and a pat of butter on the top, serve along with crusty French bread for dunking.

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Nona’s Minestrone

Reminiscent of an old Italian flavourful soup, our Minestrone blends tomatoes, zucchini, potatoes, spinach, mirepoix with cannellini beans to bring out the warm rich taste you can see yourself in any kitchen some where in Rome.

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Southwest Meat Chili

Beef, pork and sausage are combined to provide a zesty mouth-watering chili you can proudly serve at any tailgate party or a family and friends game night.

Dairy Free

Size: 480ml (2 cups)

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Looking for hearty soups that will fill you up and warm your insides? These four Soups can be served as the main course at a meal, or as a started course. They each have their own traditional flavours. What more would you want on a winter day or night!

Gluten FreeLow SaltNo AdditivesNo GMONo PreservativesNo Sulphites


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