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Chef Liz’s Soup Blog

May flowers are usually the result of April showers, but this April included a few days of Mother Nature playing April Fools pranks on us, with several days of snow! Our poor shivering flowers! May is the month that Mother’s Day

Peoples’ knowledge of Food Footprints & Healthy Eating has Increased During Covid! It has been a year since Covid was found in North America, and people’s eating habits have become better. Consumers have become more knowledgeable of what they are eating,

Soup – aah – a delicious comfort food; warm Soup to fill your belly with goodness on a chilly evening or day, or served cold on a hot summers’ day.

A Soup Bowl Cozy keeps your soup warm after you have heated it. You can warm up your bowl of Soup nestled in a Soup Cozy in the microwave.