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Grass-Fed Beef Tallow


Beef tallow is produced by trimming fat from beef and then rendering the fat by wet rendering: simmering the fat in water, until the tallow separates, or by dry rendering in an oven, and then straining and separating the tallow. It is 100% fat containing no water, protein or carbohydrates, is mainly monounsaturated fats (52 %) and saturated fats (42%), and contains vitamin E, vitamin k and small amounts of vitamin B. Beef tallow from grass-fed animals, is rich in in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a natural anti-inflammatory acid. CLA helps promotes a healthy gut and aids in disease resistance and nutrition absorption.

Tallow is used for the production of shortening but may be used on its own. It has a high smoke point of 480 F (249 C), and it is used for frying, sauteing and roasting (makes a crisp coating and moist inside). It is especially good in and savoury dishes, as it has a subtle beef flavour; good for sauteed vegetables, skillet potatoes, pie crusts, and biscuits pot pies and cornbread.

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Ingredients: Grass-Fed White Beef Suet

Nutrition Facts
Valeur nutritive
Per 1 Tbsp cup (14 g ml)
pour 1 Tbsp tasse (14 g ml)
Calories 130% Daily Value*
% Valeur Quotidienne*
Fat / Lipides 14 g18 %
Saturated / Saturés 6 g
+ Trans/ Trans - g
30 %
Fibre / Fibres 0 g0 %
Sugars / Sucres 0 g0 %
Protein / Protéines 0 g
Cholesterol / Cholestérol - mg
Sodium 0 mg0 %
Potassium 0 mg0 %
Calcium 0 mg0 %
Iron / Fer 0 mg0 %
*5% or less is a little, 15% or more is a lot
*5% ou moins c'est peu, 15% ou plus c'est beaucoup

Nutritional Information is based on our current data. However, because our products are all handcrafted in small batches, the data may change from time to time. Fresh ingredients are sourced locally as possible.

What is beef tallow used for in cooking?

Beef tallow is great for frying, searing, baking and making roux. Tallow has a high smoking point and lots of flavour.

How long does beef tallow stay fresh?

Properly stored beef tallow may last up to one year when stored in a cool dark area, or well past a year when kept frozen. Regular usage helps maintain its freshness and quality.

How many times can I fry with beef tallow?

You can reuse beef tallow three to four times, after frying if properly strained and stored.

Is it healthier to cook with beef tallow?

Grass-fed beef tallow is a great option for high heat cooking and it’s also a healthy option. Grass-fed beef tallow is rich in vitamin A and D.

Is beef tallow bad for cholesterol?

Beef tallow is hypercholesterolemic compared with fats containing less cholesterol-raising saturated fatty acid.

Is beef tallow anti-inflammatory?

Tallow contains conjugated linoleic acid, which is a natural anti-inflammatory.


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